Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was tagged by Mandy so here it goes: 3 Joys -Watching my kids play. They usually fight but there are times that they get a game going (usually involves making a mess) and laugh and giggle. It gives me a pleasure without measure. One time they were quiet for a while and when Josh and I walked on them in Collin's room, they had taken out 4 container of wipes and when Collin saw us he said, "Mommy, Daddy look. Amanda is in the snow." -Traveling. I don't do it as often as I like but I love being in a place that I have not been before. I always get butterflies in my stomach. -When my food arrives in a restaurant. Silly huh, but you know the second the waiter puts a big plate of your favorite food right in front of you? I always say wow... 3 Fears -That my children will get some weird disease. -My water will break in public -All my girlfriends move away ( It did happen that 3 of my girlfriends moved away within two weeks) 3 Goals -Potty train Collin -Be a better mom that I am right now ( a little too general but I always think about it) -Be more spiritually connected with my Heavenly Father 3 Current Obsessions -Farmers market -Blogging -Checking out food blogs and wishing I could cook them ( check this web-site, you will want to eat with your eyes. 3 Random facts -we got 3 little chickens on Monday for the kids to play with. Lets hope they are not all roosters. -We are having the hardest time coming up with a name for our baby girl to come. It is so frustrating. Any suggestions. -Even though I love to talk, I do love to listen more. So, if you want a free ear, let me know. 3 People to tag -April Murphy -Eliza Turner -Julia Wade Our three little chickens. Amanda in the snow.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh the Beautiful Santa Barbara

Josh was a guest speaker for a company called Yardi in Santa Barbara last week and he insisted that I should tag along too. He had been there 4 times before and each time he told me how beautiful that city was and I should go with him next time. For some reason something always happened and I could not go But this time my wonderful parents told us that they would watch the kids and we should go and a have a little get away before the baby is born and life gets even more crazy ( If you can imagine that..) Anyhow we all packed up on Thursday and left the kids at my parents and headed down to Santa Barbara. The drive was absolutely beautiful. We listened to music, (the grown up kind), and had lots of uninterrupted conversations. That night we stayed at a little town 40 min from SB called Solvang and had a great time. The little downtown, all the vineyards, the quietness of the town was breathtaking. We slept like babies and even got to watch TV. After flipping through the channels for about an hour, we realized that we have not been missing much since we stopped watching TV 6 months ago. On Friday morning we got ready and headed down for Josh's presentation. He did great and everyone laughed at all his jokes too. He was so proud of his jokes (more than the technical stuff that he presented) that he wants to be a comedian when he retires =) Afterwards we checked into our hotel ( which turned out to be a resort) that Yardi had got for us and I have to tell you that it was the fanciest thing I have ever been to. It was right at the beach and our room had an ocean view. The lady that checked us in gave us fresh backed cookies and told us that our room was at the Camellia building. Was that a sign that I should have gone or what? We had dinner with some of his friends at the Warf and could not get over how beautiful the ocean was. We decided that even though we pay way too much for our run-down small house in CA it is worth every penny. We’ve got great weather, culture, and boy great food. We had a great ride back. We talked, listened to good music, watch the ocean and fruit farms and got fresh cherries from the side of the road. We came home rejuvenated and missing our kids like crazy. Thank you hon for letting me tag along. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Here are some pictures we took on our trip.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A fun Day in the Sun

Last weekend we went to Josh's paernts' house and got to swim for the first time this year. It was great. My three favorite people in the world. I could not watch them from the side anymore and had to get in. I was not sure if I I could fit into my swim suit but you will be surprized how much these babies stretch. I felt I looked like 10 months pregnant. Collin and his causin Walter enjoying ice-pops. They had the most fun in the pool.
Amanda looked really cute in her swim suit. She loved the water and called the plastic dolphin "ish" for fish.
I wish they made cute swim suits like this for adults.