Monday, April 20, 2009

Utah Trip and Collin's 4th Birthday

So, we went to Utah for the General Conference and see some family. We needed a vacation very much and we are so glad we went. We had wonderful time and the children did a lot better than we thought. We did not even have to bring out the portable DVD player the whole time going and only half way back to California. We packed up the car the night before we left and started for our trip bright and early. Put the kids in the car in their Jammie's and drove as much as we could. They slept for a while and then were busy singing songs, looking at books and playing with toys. We only stopped 3 times for gas, diaper change and rotate the kid's seats around. We were so proud that we did not eat junk food and took lots of food, snacks and drinks.

this is were Samantha chilled while we were taking care of the things at our pit stops.

We stayed at my sister Kimia's house for the time we were in Northern Utah. Thanks Kimia for letting us stay at your house.

We got to go to Josh's mission reunion and see president and sister Call from Quito Ecuador mission. They are the sweetest people.

Samantha looooooved grandma Laurelle. She hang out with her most of the time we were visiting her. Doesn't grandma look too young to be a great-grandmother?

Collin turned 4 while we were in Utah, and we went to a dinosaur museum at BYU. It was very neat and it was free. The kids enjoyed it very much.

But when we got home, we had a birthday party with grandparents for Collin. Josh made the turkey and this time he made it with pineapple, BBQ sauce and wrapped it in bacon. It was out of this world.

He had been wanting a Peter Pan birthday cake for months. For the life of me I could not find any Peter Pan stuff anywhere. I went to 6 different stores and all they had was Tinkerbell. But I saw cool Toy Story figurines at the Disney store and called Collin and asked if he would like a Toy Story cake and he immediately said, Yes. That was easy and he loved the cake and got to keep the toys.

I can't believe my boy is 4 already. He is a wonderful kid and we could not love him more.

my mom got Amanda some hair stuff and she Loooooved it. She got all dolled up and was so cute.

Here she is posing for the camera.

She has been so girly girly lately. On Sunday when I was putting ribbon in her hair, she wanted some on her wrists too.