Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, we are alive...

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything. We are well and life goes on like crazy. Our three little monkeys keep us on our toes but what can we do but to love them. They are after all pretty cute monkeys.

Oh, sweet Samantha is sure a cutie. She is a very good baby and loves to sit around and watch the others run around. Here she found Amanda's shoe and fell sleep holding it. Poor baby, all that entertainment is exhausting.

Amanda loves books and if you put her on your lap and read to her, she is in heaven. Thanks Hayley. You are her new favorite person now.

Oh, Collin. He follows his dad like a shadow. Here he is cutting up all the roots of the tree that we cut down couple years ago. Josh works on the yard very hard. He rotter tilled all the front yard and killed all the weeds. Dug up all the old roots and now is working on fixing the sprinkle system. He is planing to have a front-yard vegetable garden. They are nice to look at and sure wonderful to eat... this rainbow chard from our front yard. I cut them up and put it in a stir fry and it was to die for. He has a lot of other vegetables and flowers and trees going on in the front yard. you can check out his new blog. I am very proud of him.