Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the waggon for two weeks and trying to get off

Our TV has been 'broken' for two weeks to clear up some bad behavior. Daddy broke it by removing the three prong adapter from the power strip. Saturday (3/1/08) Collin was Daddy's shadow working out in the yard and in the garage. After 'helping' remove some hardware from the old garage side door Collin dissppeared inside. We found him 'fixing' the TV: power drill, screw drivers and all. Notice the screw driver crammed into the input on the front of the TV. With Collin's fix it job the TV may very well be broken now. Who knows, it hasn't been turned on to find out because everyone is still on the wagon. (and yes, the behavior is better, no more nagging every single morning to watch morning cartoons)

Our Cuttie Petitties

I could not resist. They looked so cute. Collin got a tux from grandma and looked good in it. He would not pose for a picture but I stole one.
Amanda, always smiles for camera. I have to say, they did great for all that was going on that day.

My Sister's Big Fat Persian Wedding

So my sister got married on Feb 22nd and it was indeed a beautiful wedding. She was very very happy so was the groom. We were a little dead since we had worked so much the days and weeks before preparing. My mom and I ( just the two of us) managed to make tons and tons of food. My mom being an Iron Chef ( and me the sous chef) was not impressed by the food from my wedding so she decided to cook herself for my sister's wedding. And my mother of course never does a short cut and everything has to be made from scratch. I have to say that we indeed did a great job. Not that we managed to make a lot of food (Persians always cook for an army), it did taste fabulous. Many people would come for seconds and thirds and complain that they should not eat anymore but had to. At the end of the reception, my mother sent almost everyone with a container of food and we got tons of e-mail addresses requesting recipes. But what they don't understand was that my mom never follows recipes. Actually Persian foods are so complicated that it takes a lot of practices to learn how to cook them. I personally only know some easy ones but I told people that I will e-mail the Orzo salad recipe, the only thing that I had made following a recipe.
My dad and the others did decorate the chapel gym and did a great job. I will send out some pictures when I get them. I was very impressed what they did with the ceiling. They had long sheets of white paper hanging from the ceiling with tons of Christmas light. It was very beautiful.
OK, back to the wedding. It was a rainy day and we almost had no hope of dryness from the sky. After the sealing, which was so beautiful, the rain stopped just for about 25 minutes and we did take some pictures. We were very grateful.
The reception was a lot of fun. After a lot of eating and talking to people, we all did Persian dancing. It was a BIG PARTY. Everyone, Persian or not, was on the floor pretending to dance Persian. It was so much fun. We ate, danced, talked all night then finally sent the bride and groom to honeymoon to Monterey.... then we all cleaned up for ever and crashed for the next couple of days. Good thing that the wedding was on Friday and we had two days to rest before Monday. Fun Fun. I love weddings.