Sunday, September 14, 2008

When I was Young...

I really did not like people who always talked about their children as if they did not have a life. I wondered if they had any clue what was going on in the world and how serious were some of it's problems. Did they really know what was going on beyond their little homes? Well, now that I am a busy mother of three little ones, all I can talk about is my children. They are my life. I can talk hours about their birthing stories, feeding habits, potty training, anything and everything that has got to do with them AND I like it. Like in the real world, we do have our hard times and we do mess up. There are moments that feel like it is the end of the world and impossible to put ourselves together. what happens when you leave your tub of butter unattended for a minute? It gets everywhere.
Amanda loves dirt and mud. She gets it every where, her hair, face, even in her ears.
But then there are these beautiful moments that are just about perfect (of course until somebody messes things up again)
Samantha loves her baths, whenever she gets them =)
Their new thing is putting on our clothes.
Samantha smiles and cooes now. It melts our hearts.
They just love each other. He somehow knows how to calm her down.
(Collin loves reading books and Amanda loves listening to him. And I love getting a break from reading to them. After the thirteenth time, it gets really boring.)
I am grateful to be a mother and I feel like by teaching my children to be good decent human beings, I can contribute to the world in a good positive way and make a difference.