Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where On Earh.....

....have we been? Well, no where in particular. Just super lazy about blogging. I don't even have a wonderful excuse like being pregnant or having a new baby or a new job. But we did have a great summer and beginning of fall. The kids are growing up too fast as usual. Here are some random pictures in no particular order.

It is rare when they are all dressed up and clean but we like it when they are.

We went to the SF Zoo. The kids loved it. They really liked the bears.

We went with my friend Becky and her 3 kids. The kids did great. We were 2 adults and 6 children 4 and under.

This was Amanda's favorite part. She could do this for hours.

We had tons of tomatoes this year. We froze some, gave away some and made tons of salsa. We miss fresh tomatoes very much now.

We had stir fry almost every other day made all from Josh's garden. Well, except for the noodles and soy sauce.

This is not even half of what he had in his garden. There were beets, chard, garlic, potatoes and zucchini.

I did some crafts. I made them crayon rolls

and appliqued their names on their own bags.

They also did tons of crafts. They love it. I love it too, not so much the mess though.

We hung out with family

and watched Samantha grow up...

...way too fast.

Collin started Pre-school on September. He loves his teacher Ms. Gina.

The kids' most favorite thing in the world now is flying a kite. They can do that for hours and hours. Collin is getting quit good at it.

Oh, here is me trying to be artistic with my favorite picture of Collin. I think this picture shows how happy he is when he is flying a kite.


Mama J said...

I was just thinking about you the other day. It's good to see updated pictures of the family. They are so grown up and adorable!!! I should really come and visit playgroup and see everyone. I really miss you guys!! And nice crafting :)

Taylors said...

yay!!! a post with LOTS of pictures!! ;) you are such a great mom, crafting, cooking, traveling, growing your own food. You've got it all!

Julianne said...

That new grizzly bear gulch IS pretty darn cool. We always try and time it so that we catch their feedings when we go because it's so fun to watch! Great pix, too. I can't believe how big your kids are.

Eliza said...

You are amazing! So crafty!! I loved reading your update and seeing your cute babies. LOVE THEM!

Murphy Mania said...

Love the kite flying pictures! We should get together next time you pass through. Can't believe how big your kids are getting!